Synthetic mica Flake is a kind of layered silicate compound produced by different kinds of chemical raw materials and minerals with the process of high temperature reaction, fusing, cooling, and crystallization.

Synthetic mica Flake is produced as Synthetic mica powder by a series of techniques: Hydraulic crushing, Wet-processed Grinding, Hydraulic Classification, and Dewatering.

With the special production process, SANBAO's synthetic mica powder is better in:

High purity and whiteness (>90%), low Fe content (<0.2%), narrow PSD, better heat-resistance, etc.

Being tested and proved by SGS, Sanbao's synthetic mica powder hardly contains heavy metal like Pb, Hg, As, Cd, Ni, Se, Cr, Ba.

The main characteristics about synthetic mica powder/flake

  • Quality consistency

    Synthetic mica is synthesized by internal heat. All the raw materials for each batch and the formula can becontrolled, which guarantees the quality consistency of each batch.

  • Radicalization

    Synthetic mica is synthesized artificially so that it is free from natural radiation.

  • Purity

    Synthetic mica is a crystallized combination produced according to formula. The raw materials are by severe screening, which guarantees the high purity.

  • Heavy metal content

    Sanbao synthetic mica has been proved by SGS that is nearly free from heavy metal. It meets the safetyindex of European Union, U.S., etc. developed countries.

  • Appearance

    Smooth surface. High whiteness(>92%).

  • Electric property

    Dielectric strength: 185-238 kV/mm

  • Insulation property

    Surface resistanceΩ: 3×1013

  • Mpa / Tensile strength Mpa


  • (OH)Bond

    Synthetic mica is OH Bond free. It is not like the natural mica would release harmful hydrogento steels. Thus, it can be used to antirust metal products.

  • Optically transparent rate

    Synthetic mica crystal is colorless and transparent that has better optically transparent property against infrared and ultraviolet radiation than natural mica does. So the synthetic mica based pearlpigment is quality.

 UnitSynthetic mica powder/flake
Dielectric strengthkv/mm185-238
Volume resistivityΩ.cm(3-6)×1015
Surface resistivityΩ3×1013
Dielectric constantε5.8-6.3
Dielectric losstgδ(M C)3.38×10-4
Tensile strengthkg/cm²1500
Water absorption%0.14
Moisture absorption rate%0.04
Heat resistance1100-1300